Roots Reggae
Remastered and released worldwide in 2011, this album features a rock feeling and pure rebellion.
Track Listing:
Look At The Mess He Made
It's About Time
Look What They've Done
Say No To Drugs
Look At The Mess He Made (Version)
Been Mistreated
Stop The Wars
Lying In My Bed
Don't Give Up
Look What They've Done (Version)


Dusty Woods, BB, Cyberspace

Score: 4.5 [out of 5!]

This time around Tonca is exploring the funkier side of the reggae sound. With a lively beat, infectious horns, and Tonca's engaging voice, "Stop the Wars" stays within familiar reggae territory: the protest song. Tonca asks, "Why can't you see how you're treating us?
You might think it is fine but we say it's unjust." It would be easy to imagine a live audience singing along to the chorus, which shouts, "Look out old man, I say we're gonna get ya!" Tonca is among this new centuries "A" list reggae artists. Check out his music and maybe you'll find the truth.
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Souljah, Reggae Vibes Online, Netherlands

Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

This album was originally released in 1991, but like the reviewed "Are You Hearing Us Now?" from 1988, it's too good not to mention it on these pages. As usual with Tonca's releases all lyrics are printed in the booklet, which does justice to the mainly conscious lyrics (only "Lying In My Bed" is a lovers tune). The opener is a little more rock influenced than the songs on his other albums, and that feeling is continuous throughout the album. There's a little less emphasis on horns and some more on guitars on this album, but the album maintains a roots reggae vibe.

As far as I know this is Tonca's only album to include versions, and these certainly show how solid his instrumental backing by Friends is. It must be stressed too that the constant high quality of the backing vocals are as well a component that make Tonca's albums so pleasant to listen to. I am looking forward to Tonca's forthcoming release, that's scheduled to be released real soon. Yet another very strong album by an artist you should all be checking out.

I consider this album to be ranked second in the string of albums by Tonca that are reviewed on these pages. Others are the freshly reviewed "Are You Hearing Us Now?" as well as earlier reviewed "Jah Jah Will Unite Us", "For You Only", and Tonca's latest and till now strongest release "Committed To Jah".

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