Roots Reggae
Re-mastered and released in 2008, here is TONCA's second album, with perhaps his most important message of all, that Jah will unite us one day. 
Track Listing: 
Jah Jah Will Unite Us
Brethren You Know
Children In The Ghetto
Mr. DJ
Nuclear War
Portrait Of A President
Nothing To Lose
Too Much Promises


Dusty Woods, BB, Cyberspace

Shoot! I guess my secret will be out now. Even though I'm country from hat to boots, I've always had a weakness for reggae - even used it a time or two to see how some of the old country classics would sound that way (sounded pretty good, by the way). Anyway, this is classic reggae done perfectly to my mind. Great harmonies, excellent lead singing and lyrics, good instrumentation and a beat that just won't quit. Can't say enough good about this song and the group. I just wish you folks were a little closer to home so we could try jammin' some time. :) :) :) :)!
Souljah, Reggae Vibes Online, Netherlands

Rating : from 5 (excellent) to 1 (poor)
Vocals : 4 Backing : 5 Production : 4 Sound quality : 4 Sleeve : 4

Although this album is not one of the latest reggae albums to be released, but already nearly a decade old, it certainly deserves to be mentioned. This album from St. Maarten's Tonca (here still spelled Tounka) and his musical Friends is a treat lyrically and musically.

Two lovers' tunes and a lot of conscious tracks, and all lyrics are provided in the booklet. Wonderful backing vocals add extra spice to opening and title track "Jah Jah Will Unite Us", showcasing the direction of the tracks to follow. "Brethren You Know" is an equally strong track.

The real horns are strenghtening "Children In The Ghetto", a strong track that now becomes superb. "Who Are You" is a plea to a girl (Who are you to tell me I'am nobody) reminiscent of Pablo Moses' "Each Is A Servant". The horns just keep on giving that relaxed vibe throughout these songs, like "Mr. D.J.", which has the more than true lyrics 'Here's a new song friends will like to hear you play'. The selections following can only be described as more musical goodness to come, I was very impressed by this release and I do wonder why this wasn't picked up on a great scale when initially released.

This is a very strong album by an artist you should all be checking out, if you appreciate conscious lyrics, real horns, and matching riddims.

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